18.21 Bitters

Crafting a Better Cocktail

Extra Extra Read All About It! PROHIBITION IS OVER! 18.21 Bitters was created to craft a better cocktail. We may no longer need to disguise our smuggled libations but it sure is fun to pretend! Scroll through our products to see the finest in premium, small batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters, tinctures, shrubs, syrups and tonic, ginger beer and pre-mixed craft cocktails. Throw on your top hat, grab a bottle and have a roaring good time!


Holiday Entertaining

The holidays are creeping up quickly and with them comes holiday parties and dinners. We have a weekly series here leading up to the holidays with some tips and tricks to help you host stress free events and make easy delicious cocktails.

This week, we will be hosting an Old Fashioned class and in honor of the iconic cocktail and our fun cocktail class, here are some tips on adding this cocktail to your next event!

Try a build your own Old Fashioned Bar! Put out a Bourbon, a Rye Whiskey, and a Dark Rum along with a jigger in front of each. Add a few bottles of different bitters flavors (we suggest 18.21 Prohibition Aromatic for the traditionalist, 18.21 Barrel Aged Havana & Hide for the adventurous and the Rum lovers, and 18.21 Earl Grey Bitters for those who want to walk on the wild side. If you are feeling really fun and funky, try the 18.21 Grapefruit Lavender Bitters for a Rye Whiskey old fashioned!) Also leave out two syrups (try a plain simple syrup, or our 18.21 Coffee Vanilla Cacao Syrup for a fun twist). Print out instructions on how to make an old fashioned and leave out a bowl of garnishes including lemon rinds and orange rinds along with some Cherries (we love Filthy Cherries!). Add a muddler into the mix and a few cocktail mixing glasses, spoons and strainers, and your guests have a fun and interactive way to make their own cocktails so you can focus on enjoying your own cocktail and your party!

Here is our sample recipe:


Add 2oz Spirit of Choice to Mixing Glass

Add bar spoon of syrup of choice

Add 10 drops bitters of choice

Add ice and stir

Strain into rocks glass over large ice

Garnish with Choice of Garnish

Suggested Pairings:

Rye Whiskey, Prohibition Aromatic Bitters, Simple Syrup Garnish with Orange Peel

Rum, Havana & Hide Bitters, Coffee Vanilla Cacao Syrup Garnish with Cherry

Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Earl Grey Bitters Garnish with Lemon Peel

Cheers to the holidays!

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